Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Forward-Focused Vision

YWCA York is one of the largest YWCAs in the United States. We are a complex organization offering an expansive list of programs and services.

For this reason, planning is critically important to align the leadership team on a strategic agenda to move the organization forward. Departments develop annual plans with meaningful and measurable strategies and tasks that are aligned with the anchors and objectives of the strategic plan. The progress of our strategic plan is reviewed with our Board of Directors twice annually.
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Advocacy Plan

Advancing Our Mission

YWCA York carries on its long tradition of social action and advocacy to advance our mission – and you are a crucial part of this work.

Your voice is needed as we advocate for policies that support our mission-critical work in the York community. Each year, YWCA USA establishes Advocacy Areas of Concentration. The Advocacy Committee of YWCA York’s Board of Directors reviews these areas and determines which areas most closely align with the YWCA York mission. Those areas and the work that YWCA York is already involved with in the community are included in the Advocacy Committee’s approved advocacy plan for the fiscal year.
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