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Adopt A Family

The Adopt A Family event is spearheaded every December by YWCA York’s Junior Board to provide holiday cheer to YWCA York children and families in need. Those who are interested in adopting a family receive a personal profile and wishlist to use when shopping to help a family experience an unforgettable holiday season.

Dorrie Leader Advocacy Award

YWCA York created the Dorrie Leader Advocacy Award in 1995 to recognize women advocates for their work on social issues. The award honors community volunteer achievement and celebrates women who are champions for equity, and embody YWCA’s mission of peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

Justice Gala

The Justice Gala raises awareness and support for YWCA York’s Anti-Human Trafficking programming, while honoring the late Jessica Hummel, a tireless and passionate advocate, daughter, Associate, and friend. The event is a black-tie affair, featuring a silent auction, a cocktail-style experience, entertainment, and an enjoyable celebration for a worthy cause. 

Race Against Racism

Race Against Racism unites the community to run, walk, or stroll in support of the mission of eliminating racism in York County and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. The proceeds from this event support the important work we do in our community surrounding racial justice.

Self-Defense Training

The Self-Defense Training workshop is designed to make participants feel safer, stronger, and more confident through empowerment training, scenario immersion drills, and tactics and techniques that utilize natural leverage and offset size and strength disparities. 

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

YWCA York has participated in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes for over ten years to support men ending men’s sexualized violence towards women and fem presenting folx. The proceeds from this event support the important work we do in our community surrounding victim services.

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Dozens of community partners benefit from making an impact in York every year while also promoting their business services to the more than 28,000 community members we serve. We highlight our sponsors in many ways throughout the year!

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What started out as a fun summer cookout with friends turned violent when Sharita was sexually assaulted by someone in her neighborhood.
She hesitated to call the police, but she was also afraid to be living in close proximity to the abuser. With the encouragement of her friend, Sharita went to the Judicial Center and found her way to the Protection from Abuse Office to seek a Sexual Violence Protection Order (SVPO).
A legal advocate from YWCA York sat down with Sharita and talked through all of her options. Together they developed a safety plan and she was given information on counseling services as well as other resources to assist in her healing. Sharita was able to complete a petition for a SVPO and went before the judge that day. Her order was granted, and after a final hearing, she was granted protection from her offender for three years.
Having a YWCA advocate speak with her and stand by her side through the process helped Sharita find her strength and her voice.
Everyone deserves to feel
Be a part of the change. Together, we can make a difference for the most vulnerable in our community and beyond.
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